Review: Trilogy Botanical Body Wash

Trilogy Botanical Body Wash ★★★★ 
Price: $27.95
Size: 500ml 
About: foaming botanical body wash suitable for bath, shower or hand wash. Packaged in brown plastic bottle with pump applicator.
Review: Ok, so I would not usually consider spending close to $30 on a shower gel but Trilogy's Botanical Body Wash is so luxurious that it could just change my mind. It has so many perks: the body wash foams up and spreads evenly over the skin, it is gentle enough to use daily and the natural ingredients smell heavenly. The brown plastic packaging preserves the life of the body wash and the pump applicator makes it so easy to apply to your shower puff or body washer. With hydrating and soothing botanical ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Lavender, Chamomile and Rose Geranium you are going to feel revived, relaxed and satisfied with every wash - I know I certainly do. Four stars because I love the overall appeal of Botanical Body Wash - I just don't like the price tag.