PRODUCT REVIEW: Manicare Disposable Mascara Brushes

Manicare Disposable Mascara Brushes ($8.95AUD) ★★★½
Size: Pack of 20. 
Review: First and foremost I would like to say that as a Makeup Artist I find it hard to just walk in to a store and purchase disposable mascara wands... but now I can!
Manicare's Disposable Mascara Brushes come in a mixed pack containing 4 different brush heads for lengthening, curling,separating and catching those hard to reach lashes. I LOVE the idea of having four different brushes to choose from (depending on the needs of the client) because most disposable wands come with standard straight bristles.
In terms of performance Manicare's disposable brushes don't really do what they claim. When I used my relatively 'thin' mascara (which is recommended to avoid clumping) the formula tends to stick to the brush and does not really transfer on to the lashes. As I was on a wedding job at the time, I ended up having to finish each client's lashes with my standard wands which was a shame. Having said that the purple wands are my absolute favourite because for years I have been in search of miniature wands to coat lower lashes and really short lashes so these are amazing. Hopefully one day Manicare will sell the purple ones separately in packs.
Purchased: No.