PRODUCT REVIEW: La Mav OFC Certified Organic Soothing Cream Cleanser

La Mav OFC Certified Organic Soothing Cream Cleanser ($39.95AUD) ★★½
Size: 50ml
About: cream facial cleanser for all skin types. Comes in a plastic pump bottle.
Review: A cocktail of goodness for your skin, Soothing Cream Cleanser is full of hydrating and skin balancing properties. It is rich is fatty acids which doesn't seem to do it any favours: it seems to sit on the surface of the skin and has trouble blending in, or collecting makeup and grime from the skin. Each time I use this without makeup remover my bath towel is left with streaky foundation and mascara stains. Most cleansers on the market are larger, more generous sizes, but Soothing Cream Cleanser comes in a 50ml container which is fairly small in size. It contains a small pump which means instead of 1-2 pumps for the face, I tend to use about 6 pumps of product and the product will last less than a month if used willy-nilly. The scent is light and citrus-like, without being overbearing but I am unsure about the texture and all-round performance of this product, hence the rating.
Purchased: Yes.