PRODUCT REVIEW: Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub

Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub ($12.00AUD) ★★★
Size:  200ml
About: body scrub with exfoliating granules in liquid formula, packaged in a plastic squeeze tube.
Review: Hmmm I do not love Body Tonic Sugar Scrub. Whilst this exfoliating body scrub sounds yummy and the price point makes it attainable for women of all walks of life, I expected much more. Essentially I expected Body Tonic Sugar Scrub to give me good results and although the product felt good upon application, it does not last long and so a tube will only last a few weeks at most. The scent and the overall result did not impress me enough to want to buy this in future. The packaging is bland and somewhat boring, the scent is also bland and boring same whilst the overall result was not memorable and once finished I moved on to a more expensive body scrub which I know always makes my skin feel amazing and excites my senses every time which is what a body product really should do.
Purchased: Yes.