PRODUCT REVIEW: Aveda Hand Relief

Aveda Hand Relief ★★★★
Price: $44.95
Size: 125ml
About: ultra nourishing hand treatment with a cream consistency. Suitable for dry, chapped hands. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: There are sooooo many reasons to love Hand Relief and it is my duty to do exactly that. Hand Relief WORKS! The rich, creamy consistency does not sit like a layer on the skin, no no Hand Relief does it right and absorbs quickly. The formula smells light and pleasant and even feels comfortable on the skin. My best recommendation is to buy the larger bottle so you can sit it at your desk and always have it on hand when needed. The larger bottle has been sitting at my desk for one whole year and is only just starting to finish up which to me is simply amazing because no hand cream has ever duly lasted this long. Enriched with Vitamins A and E to keep skin soft and smooth, Hand Relief also contains plant emollients, exfoliating fruit acids and antioxidants to gentle buff away dry skin while immersing hands in hydration heaven. Need I say more? Yes, yes because each year Hand Relief goes pink for breast cancer awareness month and funds are donated to research. A genius product in so many ways.
Purchased: No.