PRODUCT REVEW: Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap - Eucalyptus

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap in 'Eucalyptus' ($7.95AUD+) ★★★★★
Size: 140ml / 236ml / 944ml
About: foaming liquid wash with primarily formulated for the body and face, Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soaps can also be used to clean the mouth and teeth, fruit and vegetables, the bathroom and kitchen, clothes and even pets. Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip lid.
Review: Oh my lord, I am soooo sold on Dr Bronner's Pure Castille Soap! After giving a glowing review to the Almond scented liquid soap I had already converted to this pure wonder, but after years of professional beauty sponges that always appear dirty after cleansing, I decided to search for an answer. So I 'Googled' to see what other makeup artists use to clean their beauty sponges and sure enough Pure Castile Soap was at the top of the list. My Beauty Blender and Beauty Pod foundation sponges which once stubbornly held on to colours are now super clean and much more pleasant to the eye. Being such a rich and easy foaming formula, Pure Castile Soap really goes a long way and the Eucalyptus scent is simply divine. I love it so much that I purchase the litre size bottle! Possibly the best all-round beauty product ever