EMINEM Live at Sydney Football Stadium 2011

♫ Now everybody from the 313, put your mother f****** hands up and follow me! 

Yes. I am a huge fan of Marshall Mathers, the genius behind EMINEM. He is not only a successful rapper but also a talented word smith who spends hours each day rhyming and jamming. On a recent interview on 60 Minutes EMINEM revealed that he plays with words and phrases so much that it drives him crazy at times.

Ever since the release of "Hi, My Name Is" I have been a fan. I can relate to what EMINEM raps about in his deeper songs, and I too have an immature sense of humour and therefore I am drawn to his music and persona.  Nowadays I own all of his CDs and at times joke that I am the "Slim Lady" so as soon as I heard he as returning to Sydney after 10 years, I booked tickets as close to the stage as possible.

Hilltop Hoods and Lil Wayne accompanied EMINEM on tour. Although not a fan of Lil Wayne, I was thrilled to arrive in time for Hilltop Hoods who I saw at Home Bake back in 2006. They are so much fun to watch because they're just so full of beans. After a suspenseful few hours EMINEM arrived on stage and blew our minds without being a show off. He rapped and performed to a pleased crowd without taking off his shirt or 'trying too hard'. The most interesting part was watching him close up on the screens - you could see him thinking and really focusing on the words and his performance. I was so overwhelmed that I started crying my eyes out! Not sure who the rapper was that accompanied him on stage but the band and accompanying rapper were great. Oh and so was Lil Wayne when he returned to join EMINEM on stage for No Love. Thanks for the memories EMINEM! You are truly talented. Please come back again. Here are some images taken from my dinky-di camera which I hope you enjoy.

The sexy Suffa and Pressure of Hilltop Hoods
Lil Wayne
Crying with excitement!