What Pinterests You??

Yes Beautettes: Pinterest. I know I misspelled the word 'interest' but I have a good reason. If you have not yet heard, Pinterest is a relatively new form of social networking media. It is a clever tool to collect images that inspire you from all over the web and from other user's boards.

How does it work? Sign up and start pinning! Remember when you were younger you had a board overflowing with ideas and images tacked all over it? Basically every member has a virtual board and you can 'pin' (or save) any image you come across on the web to your board using Pinterest's easy to install Favourites function. If you explore other user's boards on Pinterest then you can simply click the re-pin button and have it placed on your board. If a user lies on of your pins then they too can re-pin your pin. Making sense now?
Plus you can create a number of boards to categorise your pins, so for example I have a Hair and Makeup board with gorgeous makeup designs and hair styles and then I have a board for all of the intriguing and Beautiful Tattoos, Fitness Comes First board reminds me that these fit bodies don't just wake up looking like that! and don't forget my Michael Jackson board for favourite images of the King of Pop.

Why should I join? Because it is a really fun and friendly place where people can get inspired by just about anything! Photography, cosmetics, fashion, food, landmarks, lavish houses, architecture, love, art, animals, sayings, models, celebs and tattoos are just some of the wonderful things you can discover on Pinterest. Plus they also have an app so you can flick through people's boards and follow their pins on your lunch break.

Check out my Pinterest boards and if you get stuck feel free to ask me for help. Have fun!

What are you waiting for? Get Pinspired today!