Review: Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer - Correct & Conceal

Napoleon Perdis Corrective Pro Palette Concealer ★★★½
Price: $60.00
About: creamy concealers in three tones to accentuate your features and reduce imperfections. Offers medium coverage and packaged in a plastic pot with dividers to separate each shade.
Review: Pro Palette Concealer is ideal for makeup artists as you can carry three shades in one small convenient palette. However, I do not find this very effective for your everyday woman because they would be likely to see these shades and run for the hills. Green is ideal for cancelling out redness such as acne and pink scars while the purple is a shade for brightening skin and the yellow is great for concealing darker marks. Personally I am not a huge fan of the Corrective Pro Palette Concealer as the formula is a little gluggy for my liking but once blended it turns creamy and soft - I would love to see it reformulated to become a lot creamier.
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