Review: Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser ★★★
Price: $19.99 for cleanser / $13.99 refills)
About: waterproof vibrating facial cleanser device that focuses on cleansing skin while removing blackheads & keeping skin smooth. Comes with replaceable cleansing pads that contain cleanser within.
Review: I must admit that originally I thought Wave Power Cleanser was just a teenage fad aimed to attract the sales from teens who admire the face of Wave Power Cleanser, Vanessa Hudgens. However, after having tried it, my doubts have been 'washed away'! Wave Power Cleanser is a nifty little tool to cleanse the skin while the vibrating option allows for a light exfoliation. However, be sure to read the instructions carefully because it cannot be used around the eye area.
While I admit my blackheads appear less visible after a few weeks of use, I do not like the fact that Wave Power Cleanser requires a new cleanser pad daily because each does clog up with makeup and grime and are hard to wash plus the cleanser is in the centre of the pad so once it is gone, the pad needs replacing. The other thing I dislike: the misleading ads which show Vanessa Hudgens virtually frothing at the mouth thanks to the frothy cleanser pads. Did mine do this? Nope. It hardly created a film on my skin let alone a froth. I even ran it firmly over my arm to try and release the product and froth it up but to no avail. While it is a handy cleanser and good for encouraging blackhead removal, this is a good example of a product that does not deliver exactly what is promised.
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