Review: Neutrogena Body Oil

Neutrogena Body Oil - Sesame Formula ★★★★★
Price: $12.99
Size: 250ml
About: hydrating body moisturiser oil in packaged in clear plastic bottles with pop lid.
Review: This is certainly my favourite Neutrogena product to date. I tried this at Fashion Weekend last year and fell in love with the texture, consistency, and the scent. It is a god-send for my dry scaly skin in the colder months, and leaves skin with a subtle sheen without feeling greasy. However, while it does leave my feet super soft they can get very slippery on my wooden floorboards! I wish it was packaged a little differently because oils do leak and it does escape from the lid if not turned upright. All in all, Neutrogena's Body Oil is a fabulous body moisturiser and can be used in the shower for bathing or when shaving.
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