Review: Napoleon Perdis Peep Show Madame Crystal Mascara

Napoleon Perdis Peep Show Mascara - Madame Crystal (discontinued) ★★
Price: $33.00
About: clear defining mascara suitable for coating lashes or to use as a brow gel, packaged in white tube. 
Review: At first I thought Madame Crystal was an amazing product - but then I realised the formula dries up quickly so it is not great value for money. Designed to coat lashes for a natural look (which I think is a waste of time) and to use as a brow gel (which it does - poorly) I would not purchase Madame Crystal in future. The gel leaves brows looking as though you have dropped an icy cocktail through them and if you wear clear mascara, what is the point in wearing any at all? The packaging is nice and the product is easy to use but it doesn't serve any purpose in my opinion.