Review: Napoleon Perdis Lip Pencil

Napoleon Perdis Lip Pencil ★★½
Price: $28.00
About: lip pencil with a firm texture, comes in a range of shades.
Review: I have noticed that a lot of the popular shades from this collection have been discontinued. How disappointing. Although the colour range was originally pretty good, the pencil's texture is very hard and rough and needs to be softened on the back of your hand before application because otherwise it will crumble and leave a mess. There are softer lip pencils out there but I must say I do love Deep Plum shade the best, a shade worn religiously by a Napoleon consultant I used to work with... she got me hooked on it and now my kit will never be without it. I am yet to try the new shades and formulation but my thoughts of the original formula: it certainly needed some work. Let's hope the new formula is much more desirable.
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