Review: Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour

Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour ★★★
Price: $59.00
About: two-tone powder blush shaped like a gorgeous flower. Packaged in a slimline compact.
Review: After having tried Fresh Bloom Allover Colour on counter I was pretty impressed with the pigment of this powder blush but when I got it home the colour was not half as good as I expected. You see, being a makeup artist I like my products to look as strongly pigmented on the skin as they look in the packaging but shade 02 Posy really seemed to struggle with making a good impression on me and I would have to press my blush brush in to the formula before seeing the colour's full potential. Having said this though I think it was also due to the fact I was after a rosy shade and somehow ended up with Bloom, a tawny shade that borderlines brown tones so it is most likely my fault for choosing this shade. While I was a little disappointed with the pigment, I would give this product another shot because the packaging and flower print on the powder is just too sweet to resist. For those into ingredients please note that this does contain talc and mica.
Purchased: No.