Review: Ella Rouge Deluxe Facial

Have you had the week from hell? Is your skin looking blah? It sounds like you need a pick-me-up and I know just the treat. Spare yourself for one hour of complete indulgence and book a Deluxe Facial at Ella Rouge Medi Spa.

What is it: Deluxe Treatment is Ella Rouge’s most popular facial because it works on correcting your skin concerns. Best of all, it is extremely relaxing so it is a great excuse to take time out for yourself.

How does it work: Deluxe skin facial is a 60 minute treatment that enhances skin radiance, increases skin circulation and accelerates cell rejuvenation.

My experience: Seeing as though I am becoming a regular at Ella Rouge Erina Fair, I am lucky enough to say that my favourite facial therapist actually works there! My skin was analysed to see what its current needs were. (Skin can change over time and so it is important to discuss what goals or expectations you may have). After having my makeup removed with Dermalogica PreCleanse my skin was double cleansed with Priori Gentle Facial Cleanser which contains lactic acid, an AHA that works to buff off dead layers of skin that constantly build up over my chin and nose. While we have been drilled to cleanse our face daily, it feels luxurious when someone does it for you.
Once cleanser was removed it was time to steam my tired pores. Facial steamers are proven to benefit skin in many ways: steaming causes skin to perspire which helps to ‘empty out’ clogged pores. Skin is able to breathe again and can continue doing what it does best. Steaming also works to revive tired skin and improves circulation to give that radiant glow. A professional facial steamer is super gentle. If you are a little claustrophobic then fear not because the steamer sits away from the face and it is still easy to breathe. My skin happily soaked up the tiny particles of water that left the steamer during the treatment. Afterward skin was exfoliated with my favourite facial scrub, PRIORI Invigorating Face & Body Scrub and then my face, neck and d├ęcolletage were caressed with a gentle Swedish massage that incorporates pressure points – I never (ever) wanted it to end. After the exfoliant was removed, skin was treated to a facial masque chosen based on my skin concerns. Although feeling relaxed, I then laid there for ten minutes trying to drum out reality which is easier said than done! Once the masque was removed, it was time to slowly face reality as skin was bathed in after care products which included serum, moisturiser, eye cream and sunscreen.

Overall: I was treated to an extremely relaxing facial which left my skin looking plump and radiant. I walked in feeling tired after a day at work and left feeling like a new person. After my Deluxe Facial I bumped in to a friend who told me how ‘fabulous’ I looked (yay!) and that I appeared to have ‘that pregnant glow’ (fail!)
How long does it take to see results: Instantly – and results will last and last. After a deluxe facial you will leave with glowing skin and it is best to leave that ‘thick’ layer of skin care on to give skin the boost that it may not necessarily receive at home. However like most beauty treatments, you will need to book regular deluxe facial between every four to six week to see prominent results.
How much does it cost: $89 per Deluxe Facial, or pay for a course of 5 ($445) and receive 1 free.

For more information on Ella Rouge's Deluxe Facial click here.
Need a pick-me-up? Who doesn’t! Book a deluxe facial with a friend and kill two birds with one stone... a catch up and a much needed skin pamper.