These 'Pink' Designer Gowns Could Be Yours

Every once in a while, top Australian designers join forces to raise awareness for charities. Last year top designers such as Akira and Thurley collaborated with the Australian Woman's Weekly to raise funds for ovarian cancer awareness (OVCA). To support the cause, each designer donated a unique one-off dress in grey or silver. For me it was perfect timing because I was on the hunt for a wedding dress and with so many gorgeous gowns up for the taking, I wanted to be apart of the cause.
There was one particular dress that stole my heart: a silver/grey silk dress with boning in the bodice. Strapless and flowing, it contained a dainty piece of silk that tied across the chest in to a bow. It was a stunning piece designed by none other than Alex Perry. So, you can believe my luck when I found out that I was the winning bidder!!!

Here I am wearing the exact piece that Catriona Rowntree wore!
Having lost friends to cancer, I want to do my part for the cause so I would like to present to you Australia's top designers collaboration with the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)  for 2011. Department store David Jones has approached some of its finest designers to launch a Pink Designer Gown Charity Fundraiser. It all started when Modern Weddings magazine chose to launch a 'pink' edition of their wonderful bridal magazine. Libby Hayes at NBCF loved the idea so much that she spoke with Daid Jones and it all came about from there.

So I assume you are dying to know which designers are participating?? Drum roll, please ... this years designers include Akira Isogawa, Trelise Cooper, Bianca Spender, Lisa Ho, Kirrily Johnston, Easton Pearson and Carla Zampatti. Each design gives reference to the 'pink' fundraising theme whilst maintaining the designer's signature style. Thank you to the editorial team at Modern Wedding, I would love to share the stunning designs up for auction. I just adore these images because the pieces are breath taking and the model is simply gorgeous.

Gown by Trelise Cooper. Photography by Justin Aveling (
Gown by Akira. Photography by Justin Aveling (
Gown by Bianca Spender. Photography by Justin Aveling (
Gown by Carla Zampatti. Photography by Justin Aveling (
Gown by Easton Pearson. Photography by Justin Aveling (
Gown by Kirilly Johnston. Photography by Justin Aveling (
Gown by Lisa Ho. Photography by Justin Aveling (

Now you have seen the stunning gowns, you are probably wondering how you can bid:
- Gowns are on display at David Jones Sydney City until 31st October 2011.
- Each gown will be auctioned on eBay from 15th-25th November, 2011.
- You can view more images of each gown here.

What do you think of the precious 'pink' gowns? Which is your favourite?