Review: Rodial Glamtox Night

Rodial Glamtox Night ★★★
Price: $79.99
Size: 30ml
About: night cream with anti-ageing properties and a gel texture. Designed to provide instant and long term benefits. Packaged in an air-tight bottle with press lid that disperses the product.
Review: Reformulated Glamtox Night is an anti-ageing night gel that works to brighten skin. strip away pigmentation, plump skin and reduce appearance of pores and deep set wrinkles. After two months of use I have noticed that my skin looks brighter, and pigmentation has really evened out which I was quite surprised to discover. Skin looks plump also, however I am using other products which claim to plump. Sadly though the formula may be a little too rich for my normal/dry skin type because it did flare up and break out a little.Contains Vitamin C and Retinol to help texturise and even skin's appearance as well as Soy Isoflavones to smooth skin ad promote elasticity. The one reason I have stopped using this is the scent: it honestly smells like dishwashing liquid. It took quite some time for me to identify the scent and once I did, I was very put off. While it seems to do what it claims, I would not purchase Glamtox Night in future because I know there are better products out there for me.
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