Review: Pure Tan Pure Bronze Dark Instant Tanning Lotion

Pure Tan Pure Bronze Dark Instant Tanning Lotion ★★★½
Price: $29.95
Size: 200ml
About: streak-free dark self-tanning lotion suited to those seeking a darker tan. Packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with flip lid. Formula can be washed off in an hour.
Review: I am rather impressed with Pure Tan because it has left my skin tone looking bronzed and natural. I am quite pale so I chose the darker formula to give me the colour because I have a Greek heritage and can pull off the colour. The packaging says that the formula can be washed off in one hour but the longer it is worn, the better its chance of developing, so I wore it for three hours before washing off the excess. The Result: a natural, streak-free tan which is not as dark as I would have liked but at least it looks brown and not orange and the smell is light, not pungent like others on the market. The only real drama I experienced is the after-effects of application on my hands - after only minutes of application, my hands were covered in a mass of orange formula that would not come off with my regular tan removing product and so now I have streaky orange tanned palms. Not cool.
I would use Pure Tan's Dark Instant Tanning Lotion in future but will be sure to use their tanning mitt to ensure my orange hands never occur again.
UPDATE: After two days of orange hands (and not moisturising my hands), the colour wore off which was wonderful. The tan only really lasted around 3-4 days and was not a strong pigment but it was nice and natural.
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