Review: Pure Tan Pro Self-Tan Application Mitt

Pure Tan Pro Self-Tan Application Mitt ★★★★
Price: $11.95
About: reusable hand mitt with a soft, spongy texture designed to use instead of hands to apply fake tan. The lighter spongy side is the applicator side.
Review: My overall thought on Pro Self-Tan Application Mitt is that I like it. Sure it might feel a little strange to start with because like all things new, this is the case. The soft, spongy texture of the mitt is lovely but because the material is soft and moves with you, I found that the glove sometimes slips about a little and the black side becomes the palm side, so I had to gently guide the mitt with both hands at one stage of another. While the sponge mitt does rub in the formula and blend, it does take some time because like your hand, streaks appear as it is applied and rubbed in. I really like the fact that Pro Self-Tan Application Mitt is easy to clean - just pop it in a wash bag or rinse it in the shower and hang it to dry. I would certainly use this in future.
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