Review: Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol ★★★★★
Price: $60.00
About: pressed baked powder blush and bronzer which also acts as a highlighter for cheekbones. Packaged in a white plastic compact with mirror.
Review: Blush Patrol has won SO many awards...and it is soooo easy to see why. This baked powder is such a versatile 2-in-1 blusher and highlighter which can be worn on all skin tones and it still looks amazing on almost every person, regardless of age, skin tone, or texture. The baked texture ensures that the product cannot break if dropped and that the product wears evenly in consistency. The packaging is nice and slimline so you can carry it around with ease and I love everything about it.
Tip: Be sure to check a few out before buying and taking it home because the various shades swirl together in its powder form and some can have more blusher than highlighter and vice-versa.
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