Review: Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow ★★★★★
price: $35.00
About: highly pigmented powder eye shadow available as singles. Packaged in slim plastic compact with flip lid.
Review: If you read Spoilt reviews then you would have noticed that I rarely give a product five stars. But Benefit Eye Shadows are almost perfect in ever way. The most important thing to look for when searching for an eye shadow is ensuring that the pigment is strong because eye makeup will make or break a look. The pigment is super strong and holds for hours. The next important thing when searching for an eye shadow is a good colour range and although the current collection only houses 12 colours, Benefit have just added three colours to the collection so expect more shades t start popping up. The formula is smooth and creamy which means it glides on with ease. The packaging is slimline and the little birds on the lid are pretty, giving the packaging a vintage feel. My two favourites: Tinkled Mink and Raining Men.