Get The Look: ghd for Sass & Bide, London Fashion Week

I'm a bit behind on the 8-ball but it is not everyday that an Australian designer has the privilege of showcasing their collection at an international fashion show. Case in point: Sass & Bide, one of Australia's leading high-end street wear brands. Best described as contradictory, unexpected and free spirited, Sass & Bide brought summer back to London and raised the temperature gauge as the brand debuted their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Seekerstate.

On Friday 16th September 2011, Peaches Geldof and a few other minor celebrities sat front row to watch the brand's futuristic delivery. ghd Hair Director, Renya Xydis once again did not disappoint, creating a hair look representative of the contrasts seen throughout the collection. The hair featured corn rows; rows of straight and tightly braided sections that show the scalp followed by a soft bun at the nape of the neck.

Designers Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton told the media: “Seekerstate plays on opposing scales, lengths & volumes. It breaks from tradition by contrasting graphics, textures & layers. The use of structured shapes to compliment the fluidity of materials flowed through to our hair look which is very sleek and masculine.”

The colour blocking trend is certainly hot right now and Sass & Bide proved that this is the way of the future with their mixed elements of neon tones, navy, white, black and brights. Scared of the colour block trend? Don't let this put you off because the collection is very wearable and pieces will be easy to add in to your current wardrobe.

Models backstage with celebrity hair stylist, Renya Xydis. How blue are her eyes!


  1. Starting with a middle part, wet the hair with ghd Straight & Smooth Spray
  2. Section the hair into 3 even parts
  3. Taking the middle section at the back of the head, cornrow into seven equal sections starting at the crown and tie at the nape of the neck
  4. Pull the two side sections around to the back and tie at the nape of the neck, then smooth out the ponytails using the ghd Gold Max Styler.
  5. Basket weave all the ponytails together
  6. Add ghd Straight & Tame Cream to smooth out the corn rows
  7. Finish with ghd Final Fix Hairspray all over, followed by ghd Final Shine Spray
What are your thoughts on the hair for Sass & Bide, London Fashion Week - yay or nay?