Australia's Next Top Model Goes Pink (feat. Montana Cox)

Model: Hazel / Image: ANTM Cycle 7
Oh my goddess... Australia's Next Top Model has gone pink! Australia's Next Top Model is one of the country's favourite reality tv shows (and my favourite show for years). In it 7th cycle the reality show, closely linked to the beauty and fashion industries, has decided to dedicate episode 9 to the cause.

Gorgeous Australian tv presenter and former model, Sarah Murdoch has been a patron for Australia's National Breast Cancer Foundation for ten years now and her quest to find a cure and promote awareness is stronger than ever. To promote Breast Cancer Awareness / Pink Ribbon Month, the producers organised for the best friend of each remaining contestant to stay the night in luxe mansion for a Girl's Night In.

But that's not all folks! This week we saw the seven remaining contestants go nude in their photoshoot... well, almost. Let me set the scene for you: models in nothing but nude underwear, a tub of hot pink paint, and three male models posting as gentlemen in suits with old-school cameras. The photos are sooooo pretty I simply had to share these with you.

Model: Liz / Image: ANTM Cycle 7
Model: Maddy / Image: ANTM Cycle 7
As you can see, some models worked hard to be unique and play with this fun theme, while others looked a little uncomfortable or were not as creative. Sadly Maddy's gorgeous image was not strong enough to keep her in the competition and she was eliminated. My top picks for this week's shoot: Hazel, Montana and Izzy.

Model: Montana / Image: ANTM Cycle 7

Model: Rachel / Image: ANTM Cycle 7
Model: Simone / Image: ANTM Cycle 7

Model: Izzy / Image: ANTM Cycle 7

Who is your favourite?