Review: Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist ★★★★
Price: $34.90
Size: 150ml
About: alcohol-free facial toner designed to hydrate and calm skin while preparing skin for moisturising. Packaged in a clear plastic bottle with a spray pump applicator.
Review: From the first spray, I was drawn to Juice Beauty's beautiful Hydrating Mist, a facial toner infused with ingredients Certified Organic white and red grape juices to fight free radicals, and grapeseed and rosehip oils to give skin intense hydration in between cleansing and moisturising.
Hydrating Mist is also the perfect product to keep in the car, at your desk or your bedside table for a pick-me-up refresher spritz on days when skin is tight or feeling tired. The feeling is almost like a scented lightweight water spritz and although Hydrating Mist does not rid the tight feeling on skin completely, it does assist in cooling it after a hot shower and helps pores prepare themselves for hydration. I do like to spray it a few times to ensure my skin feels moist and covered all over and enjoy the gorgeous natural scent with each spray I take.
Tip: be sure to hold your breath and lose your eyes when applying it so you do not end up with any up the nose or in eyes.
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