Orly GelFX Gel Manicure System

I am sooooo excited to spill this beauty news with you because I love ORLY nail care.
Available at all Ella Rouge Medi-Spas and selected salons comes the new ORLY GelFX formula: a durable, chip-free, high-shine manicure that will last up to two weeks on natural nail. Yes... Natural Nail!

There are some other perks to ORLY's new GelFX Gel Manicure System - it sets in half the time that a traditional gel manicure would and that is due to its LED light technology which means it is quicker and much more convenient all involved. GelFX claims to improve the quality of the natural nail thanks to its Cleanser, Primer and Base Coast which all contain Vitamins A,E and B5. Last but not least, ORLY's GelFX is still 3-free: DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene free.

The current swatch of available shades.

The collection will start with 32 GelFX colours derived from ORLY's best selling shades. Choose from neutral tones, metallics, creme, and vibrant shades... you are going to LOVE GelFX Gel Manicure System. Indulge in a pedi with the new GelFX and see how long that pedi lasts now! Plus regrowth can be touched up without having to remove the whole mani or pedi. Unless you want a change of course.
And for a cool $60, your natural nail can look fantastic and fabulous for weeks on end - gone are the days where we complain about our polish chipping after the second day.

What are gel nails?
According to wisegeek.com, "gel nails are a type of artificial nail that hails from a specialised nail polish which is designed to most closely resembles the natural nail. Light cured gel nails are hardened by placing fingers under an ultra-violet light for two minutes. No-light gel nails are cured by applying a special gel activator that can either be brushed or sprayed onto the nails. Gel nails are very similar to standard acrylic nails. You can paint, wear french tips and airbrush designs on both types of artificial nails. They can both be worn long or short without any considerable difference between the two. Both types of artificial nails can also be filed into square, round or pearl shapes."

Image: BangStyle.com
After reading this article you would think I am sitting here with ORLY GelFX on my nails but guess what? I have never tried gel nails! (I am actually wearing Minx nails). However a bunch of my friends are simply loving the trend and really do find that their nail colour is lasting forever without damaging the natural nail. So I am going to pre-book gel nails at my local Ella Rouge salon as soon as I can. I am so excited!

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Are you ready to be GelFX'd?