Review: Priori Coffeeberry Brightening Peel

Is your skin dry and flaky? Do you find it hard to skin soft and plump? Perhaps your skin looks tired and sallow? PRIORI’s Coffeeberry Brightening Peel works to combat these concerns with a painless procedure that is almost completely natural, smells delicious and so quick you can have it done on your lunch break. Before an Omnilux treatment my Ella Rouge skin therapist noticed how dry my skin was looking and suggested we try a ‘booster’ to get it back in shape. After discussing how I dislike my uneven skin tone, Lauren suggested I try PRIORI’s Coffeeberry Brightening Peel.
What is it: Coffeeberry Brightening Peel is a gentle ten minute enzymatic skin peel made up of 98.4 - 99.2% natural ingredients. It works to remove build up of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and evens out skin pigmentation whilst boosting skin with anti-ageing properties. Coffeeberry Brightening Peel is super gentle and can be performed on for all skin types.

How does it work: Although a peel can be experienced alone, it is usually best to have a Coffeeberry Brightening Peel during a facial. Containing enzymes which love to munch away on dead or rough skin cells, the powerful ingredients then work to brighten and tighten healthy skin on the skin’s surface. The liquid formula is brushed on to the skin with a facial brush and left to activate for 10 minutes before being removed.
My experience: Before an Omnilux session my skin was treated to PRIORI’s Coffeeberry Brightening Peel, a natural skin peel exclusive to PRIORI skincare. Makeup was removed and skin was cleansed with PRIORI Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser which contains natural acids that loosen dead skin cells whilst removing debris and pollutants from skin. Then Coffeeberry Brightening Peel was applied and gently massaged across my skin to ensure no area was missed. My therapist massaged it into the dry areas of my face: around my nostrils, over my congested chin and nose and along my jawline. I felt a gentle tingling sensation on my dry and slightly sensitive skin but apart from that there were no issues. The gorgeous Coffeeberry scent that I am familiar with from using the Coffeeberry ranges filled my nostrils and relaxed me as the peel was left on to activate. Once it had been left on for ten minutes, the peel was removed with a warm, damp towel and Lauren checked that all traces had been removed so that it would not irritate my skin after leaving the salon. My skin was treated to a session of Omnilux followed by a skin serum and moisturiser suited to my skin type as well as eye cream and sun protection.
After the relaxing treatment I checked my reflection in the mirror expecting to see a bit of redness from the tingling I had experienced. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find hardly any pink in my cheeks – skin appeared quite even-toned and I felt comfortable enough to leave the salon without any makeup on. Winner!
How long does it take to see results: Results are instant and can last for weeks however the more sessions you undergo the better because like most treatments, results can really start to show after a few sessions.
How much does it cost: $99 per facial peel, or $495 for a course of 6.
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