Review: Priori Coffeeberry Night Complex

Priori Coffeeberry Night Complex ★★★★
Price: $160.00
Size: 50ml 
About: rich facial moisturiser containing 98.5% natural ingredients. Designed for night-time use. Packaged in white plastic pump tube bottle with pump dispenser.
Review: Let's start by clarifying the word complex: while some brands refer to it as a serum, Priori refer to their moisturisers as complex - so this is a moisturiser.I really love the soft scent of Priori's Coffeeberry Night Complex, featuring their heavenly active ingredient Coffeeberry which is simply sublime. Although I tried a trial size of this product, it was enough to notice the hydrating properties of Coffeeberry Night Complex. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth, and although Coffeeberry Night Complex is lightweight in texture, the formula contains ultra hydrating properties so do use sparingly. I would love to purchase over and over again however the product is a little too pricey for the average woman including myself.
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