Review: O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz - Original Formula

O&M Original & Mineral Atonic Thickening Spritz - Original Formula (since reformulated) ★
Price: $28.95
Size: 250ml
About: styling product to temporarily thicken the hair shaft. Packaged in a bright yellow plastic bottle  with spray nozzle applicator.
Winner: Australian Beauty Awards 2009 for Best Texturising Spray.
Review: A product designed to support heat styling and blow drying, whilst also enhancing texture and volume – I had high hopes for this product. After having road tested it several times, I have to say, I am fairly disappointed. The fragrance is amazing, and I will continue using it purely for the delicious perfume it imparts (and because I hate seeing products go to waste). However, I will not be using it for volumising, texturising or any of the other uses it claims to support, because quite simply, it was about as effective as spraying my hair with water. Thankfully this brand has other fantastic products.
Reviewed by: Jade Frances for Spoilt.