Review: Innoxa Couleurs D’Eté Summer Matte Lipstick

Innoxa Couleurs D’Eté Summer Matte Lipstick ★★★★★
Price: $14.95
About: bright matte lipstick collection packaged in a plastic twist tube lipstick godet.
Review: If there is one thing I will scrimp on, it is lip product. I tend to think that having dramatic eye makeup or a pretty new blush has enough impact... or so I thought until I discovered Innoxa's Coleours D'Ete Summer Matte Lipstick collection which has 12 eye-catching shades that will ensure you DON'T look like everyone else and promises to make you unmissable! They are infused with hydration from Jojoba which helps keep lips soft during the day - this is so important when wearing a lipstick all day long - especially when it comes to matte lipsticks which do tend to dry lips out and make them flake - never a good look, I know. It feels nothing like I expect a matte lippy to feel like; the texture is soft and smooth and I only had to touch up three times during the day.
If you want a new shade that is fun and different then give these a chance - I did, and I think I have found my new favourite shade: Sunset, a tangerine orange shade that is as bright as pumpkin orange and I actually love it! Being blonde and having extremely fair skin I thought I was going to look ridiculous, especially considering I do not really like the colour orange but by the time it was on my lips, the product was like an extension of me. I have had mixed reviews - some people think it looks really cool while others really disliked it but I adore it and can't wait to try another colour in the collection. The packaging is simple but attractive and the price point is so affordable that you can splurge on a couple. Tell them I sent you!
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