Review: Gwen Stefani L Fragrance Eau De Parfum

Gwen Stefani L Fragrance Eau De Parfum ★★★★
Price: $80.00+
Date launched: 2007
Classification: Floral
Review: What an amazing fragrance...Gwen Stefani has created a stunning fragrance that is an extension of who she is: an artist, celebrity, and a mum. Gwen Stefani's perfumers have mixed feminine floral ingredients with a hint of masculine to create this divine scent. Rose offers a sensual musky experience while top notes Water Hyacinth, Pear and Violet tone it down a little before decadant notes of Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Sweet Pea become more obvious. Delicious flower Frangipani and ever popular Musk work their way in to the equation. To sum it up, L is deliciously sexy. When it first launched in department stores I was working for a beauty counter at MYER and each morning I would spritz it all over my before commencing work. I purchased L after dreaming about it for 12 months and I have never been disappointed! The packaging is colourful and fun, very reminiscent of the fragrance and Gwen Stefani herself. I truly love it L, this is still one of my favourite because it is sexy, sophisticated and warming for the cooler seasons yet L is still ideal to wear during spring and summer months.
Purchased: Yes.