Review: GOANNA Heat Cream

Goanna Heat Cream ★★★★
Price: $5.39+
Size: 50ml / 100ml
About: pain relief heat rub designed to reduce muscle aches and pains. Packaged in squeeze tube with twist lid.
Review: WOW! I felt this start working almost as soon as the cream touched my skin. After a hard  workout last  week swimming & using my wii Fit for exercise, I was super duper sore and my stomach and abdominal muscles just did not want to cooperate - GOANNA saved the day!  It started to work (and tingle) on application but soon enough the muscular pain started to dissolve and I was stretching, twisting and bending again without troubles. I had forgotten just how amazing this product is - my grandfather always swore by this after years of lifting and carrying goods. Now I understand. I highly recommend to those who get sore, tired muscles after exercise or even a hard days work. Invest in a tube of Goanna Heat Cream - if it is the last thing you do!
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