Review: Furless Brown Faux Jumbo Buffer

Furless Brown Faux Jumbo Buffer ★★★★½
Price: $24.95
About: makeup buffer brush suitable for mineral makeup application such as powder foundation, blush and bronzer.
Review: Furless claims that everybody loves this brush ... and I couldn't agree more. Brown Faux Jumbo Buffer is one of the softest makeup brushes I have ever used and being a vegan friendly product makes it all the more appealing. After months using a 'cheapie' kabuki brush, I replaced it with Jumbo Buffer and all of a sudden my makeup application became much smoother and now it looks more flawless. There is only one issue I experienced when using Jumbo Buffer brush: the brand's Lightweight Mineral Foundation applicator lid is smaller than most on the market and Furless' Jumbo Buffer struggles to absorb the product without spilling foundation outside the lid. The handle is easy to hold; it does not slip from fingers and has a comfortable grip. I love my Brown Faux Jumbo Buffer and you will too!

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