Review: Sodashi Vanilla Body Exfoliant

Sodashi Vanilla Body Exfoliant ★★★½
Price: $75.90
Size: 200g
About: loose exfoliating grains for the body. Packaged in a black glass jar with twist lid.
Review: Made from 100% natural ingredients the stunning Sodashi Vanilla Body Exfoliant has made me view exfoliation in a new light with its loose grains and absolutely heavenly vanilla scent which excites my senses. The holistic scent relaxes and soothes me, while the formula reminds me of ground coffee beans which is a sight and scent that I adore but I do dislike the loose grains because it MUST be used in the shower to control the mess that this loose exfoliant causes. And being a loose scrub also means that I generally waste more product because the quantity is not as controlled as a paste or cream scrub which do bot just fall off the skin. While I did use with Sodashi's luxuriant Body Oil to help it stay on the skin, a lot of product was sadly still wasted. The black packaging is so stunning and very chic, encased in heavy glass jars and bottles that only reaffirm the excellent quality. Enriched with natural ingredients such as Vanilla and Organic Cane Sugar (which together smell divine), as well as Sandalwood and Olive Seed to nourish skin without chemicals. While I would like to give it five stars, I have had to deduct a few due to the expensive price tag as I could not afford it regularly and also because the loose exfoliating grains do prove to be a bit of a nuisance. I must admit though, the stunning black jar makes my old bathroom look very modern and trés chic.