PRODUCT REVIEW: Fudge Salt Spray

Fudge Salt Spray ★★★★★
Price: $16.95
Size: 150ml
About: medium-hold bodifying salt enhanced texture spray. Packaged in a plastic bottle with an easy  to use spray bottle applicator with handle.
Review: Singing the praises of this product is hard to do in so few words, it is so versatile. If your hair has some natural kink or curl, spray it into your root area, pull it through to the ends with your fingers, and let air dry for that amazing, beachy, lived in look. Feel free to spray again when it's dry, and scrunch, twirl and manipulate into shape. You also can use the diffuser on your dryer if desired. If you have straighter, flatter hair (like me), apply the same and blow-dry your hair upside down for amazing volume.
Use your round brush or thermal tools to create curls, flicks or waves – and spritz for amazing hold. Your hair will hold with only the slightest amount of 'crispyness', and will still be soft and touchable. It is worth noting that this product makes your hair look and feel thicker! You will never go back to mousse or hairspray to hold a style after using this product. My 10 year old son also loves this product. He sprays it in his hair, roughs it up and leaves it to create than sought after 'lived in' look. Salt Spray is easy to use, and has a gorgeous coconut smell.
The packaging is unisex, so is really popular with male clients as well. The one thing I should mention is that this product does contain some of the 'silicones' that all consumers are warned away from by their hairdressers but all I can say to that is that these ingredients are required in all good bodifying and volumising products, otherwise, they just don't work as well. There is a solution to this though: when you feel any build up on your hair – use a deep cleansing shampoo. There are plenty on the market, they are colour safe, and are designed so we can all still enjoy the fabulous styling benefits of awesome styling products such as this one.
(Thank you to my lovely friend and hair stylist Jade Frances for her fabulous review)

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