5 Minutes With... Veronique Delvigne, Scientific Director for Lancome

After attending a beautiful presentation hosted by LANCÔME which introduced bloggers to Visionnaire, Tresor Midnight Rose and St Honore colour collections, I was fortunate enough to spend  10 minutes with the brand’s Scientific Director, Veronique Delvigne who had flown in from France specifically for the launch. Veronique is a Doctor of Pharmacy specializing in Skin Biology. She has worked for the L'OREAL Group for 23 years. In 1999, she founded the Scientific Department at LANCÔME International and was appointed Scientific Director.

Veronique, as Lancome’s Scientific Director do you work in all departments of the brand or specifically with their skincare?
In fact the power of science is stronger in skincare, but we also work on the makeup for instance by establishing when the light penetrates in to the skin tey have to follow different paths in order to make this aura, the special light that is transmitted by your skin, to explain and justify why some people have this natural amazing glow, and some people not so much.
Do you have a favourite skincare product?
Oh many products! (laughs) One of my favourites is Genifique because again we worked so many years with a wonderful scientific team. And the benefits of Genifique  and also because of the story, you know when you are involved and you promote an idea. W started with an idea on a piece of paper and when you create a product it is like a big puzzle so you start with a small piece and then second pieces and then so on and so forth and you can go and present it to your boss and then the marketing people finalise the final shape. It’s a long story and you fall in love with the product when creating a product and it is truly indicative of Genefique. I love this kind of product.
What are your thoughts on Visionnaire?
For me, it is just an amazing product. To be able to deliver such a large spectrum of biologic efficacy, but very targeted on some specific markers. And it is able to deliver such visible benefits of wrinkles, pores, acne marks, scars, redness, vascular disorders and it promotes natural radiance. On the market you do not have a product that can allow you such performance. Even if you use different products to give you the same result, we do not have products to target vascular disorders, we do not have a product to target acne marks and scars, so for all of these we cannot repeat the performance of this one product for our client so it is wonderful news.
Is Visionnaire a serum or a moisturiser?
For us it is an in-between product, it is not a serum because the texture is more similar to a moisturiser. We have created the formula to let the consumer play with the product. You can apply it alone when worn in summer, or to hydrate if you don’t need a specific product to moisturise with, but you can also combine this product in a sophisticated beauty routine. So for instance, if you love Genifique then you apply it first and then you apply Visionnaire and then finish your beauty routine with foundation and apply UV protection. So you can apply this new generation of product during layering or apply it alone.
Can you apply Visionnaire around the eye area?
Yes, the safety of this molecule is so unique and usually when we are creating a product on the eye contour area we reduce the concentration of the active ingredients and here we learned that LR2412 4% is fine for around the eye area. For me it is an easy-going product because you can apply to face and neck, day and night, and the eye contour area so if the consumer wants one product, for sure it is going to be this one.
Veronique, what is your favourite fragrance in the Lancome range?
Oh, I am totally a Hypnose lady!