Get The Look: The Natural Beauty

Stunning model Cristina Santone. Makeup by Tammerly.

I  would like to introduce you to Cristina Santone, a gorgeous model from Newcastle in NSW. We had the pleasure of working together earlier this year when Cristina posted a casting call for a makeup artist and photographer. Having gorgeous features and showing her ability to model with ease, I jumped at the chance to work with her. She was really open to ideas for the shoot and we decided to have fun and try a few looks. Luckily our patient photographer Dey Manual was just as willing and together we made magic.

The first look we tried was the Natural Beauty look you see here - as soon as Cristina walked in her fantastic personality shone through and she really lit up the room. I was amazed by her stunning long brown hair wihich is 100% her own and she instantly reminded me of a Disney character I adored as a child: Pocahontas. (But don't compare her because as a child the kids at school often called her "Pokie" and she hates it!!) So this is how the look came about, and when Cristina pulled out her long stunning Lovisa earrings which look uber tribal, we created a super soft look that makes skin glow whilst accentuating her gorgeous features and the stunning earrings.

How-To Achieve the Natural Beauty:
  1. Be sure to start by removing any traces of makeup including old eyeliner and mascara.
  2. Apply a good moisturiser so that skin holds your base longer.
  3. Prime and apply a foundation with a soft dewy finish. I recommend Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup SPF15. Be sure to blend it down the neck/jawline also.
  4. Lightly powder the skin - be careful not to over-do it because we want a fresh, flawless look (not a cakey one). Try to use a powder the same shade or just one shade darker for a little warmth.
  5. Apply a light dusting of bronzer over the forehead, down the bridge of the nose and just above and under the jawline. Pay attention to the the hollow just under the cheekbones and give them a little more emphasis than the rest of the face with the bronzer. Why? Because this look does not require blush and so we need cheeks to look balanced.
    (Unsure where to find the hollow of your cheeks? Smile in the mirror and you will find the hollows just under the apples of your cheeks - smile!!) 
  6. Add a soft sweep of illuminator/highlighter to the skin for fresh and glowing skin. I highly recommend Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick).
  7. Prime eyes with an eyelid primer to help eye makeup stay, and prevent eyeshadow from creasing.
  8. Apply a nude toned eyeshadow from the inner corner and take it outwards to about 3/4 of the eyelid.
  9. Take a soft beige-gold loose shimmer eye dust and gently press over the area to make the colour look more prominent and to give it that 'wow' factor.
  10. Ever so gently dab your brush in to a plummy-maroon powder eyeshadow and dab it in to the out corner of the eye. With teeny tiny baby strokes blend the colour in to a v-shape: blend the shadow over the outer 1/4 of the eyelid but make sure it is really well blended and very subtle - like Cristina's because the taupe/gold shimmer dust will shine through.. Then blend it in to the crease without taking it in all of the way - about 1/2 way is good.
  11. Apply a brown gel eye liner and with a thin angle brush apply  a beautiful defined line. Start between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way from the inner corner and take it out to the end of the eye. If you wish to see the eyeshadow above your eye's crease then gently move it with your eyeshadow brush until you are happy with the height. Keep the bottom lashes bare to open up the eyes and keep them looking large.
  12. Apply a touch of highlighter powder along the brow bone to help blend the eyeshadow and emphasise eyes. If you wish to be creative, you can add a touch of shimmer dust to the inner corner of the eyes and make them look larger.
  13. Load up your lashes with black or charcoal grey mascara for emphasis.
  14. Take a shimmery white eye pencil and run it along the bottom lash line to open up the eyes and stops you looking tired - this is a great trick after a big night out or if you are feeling rundown.
  15. Fill in brows with a complementing eyeshadow to give the natural look a polished and tidy finish.
  16. Apply a nude brown lip pencil and drench clear gloss over lips for the sensual finish.

I would just LOVE to see your attempt so if you do decide to try the Natural Beauty look then please send a photo in! I hope this has given you makeup inspiration and that you do decide to try this look.

What do you think of Cristina's Natural Beauty look?