Get The Look: Innocent Beauty

The lovely Elle Maguire. Makeup by Tammerly.
I first launched Pink Diva Makeup Artistry in 2006 and it was this year that I decided to take initiative and organise a portfolio update to benefit not only myself but also the portfolios of the models and photographers involved.

The casting call was very interesting - I made a shout out to my 'friends' on MySpace ... yes MySpace... and received around 70 entries from women who dreamed of modelling and wanted to be apart of the Pink Diva portfolio. It was so flattering!

One young woman I came across was Elle Maguire who lives pretty close to me. She has a gorgeous face, a great personality and with dancing experience I knew she was going to perform beautifully in front of the camera. I was right - Elle arrived at the studio with a big smile on her face. She was excited about the prospects of modelling and was really easy to get along with.

Only 18 at the time I wanted to portray Elle's youth and innocence with the Innocent Beauty look (although Elle tells me she wishes that someone would give her a sexy, dishevelled look!!) I love her innocence as well as the focus on her gorgeous flawless pale skin).

This is the perfect look for teens or women who want to look as natural as possible. But not all is natural - Elle is actually wearing a stunning set of lashes that look natural whist extending her lashes quite dramatically.

How-To Achieve the Innocent Beauty look:
  1. Be sure to start by removing any traces of makeup including old eyeliner and mascara because this look is about clean skin.
  2. Apply a light-diffusing moisturiser to give skin that gorgeous glow.
  3. Prime and apply a liquid foundation with a soft dewy finish. Be sure to blend your foundation down the neck/jawline also.
  4. With a loose powder that matches your skintone, ever so lightly powder the skin - apply it like a veil to ensure flawless and natural skin.
  5. Once powdered, apply a soft rosy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Add it gradually so that you do not end up with Barbie-pink cheeks. Brush excess blush from the brush and blend the blush.
  6. No bronzer is needed for Innocent Beauty because we want to show your stunning skintone in its glorious natural state.
  7. Using a good highlighting powder, take a tapered brush/blush brush and softly apply it just along the top of the blush so the two blend seamlessly together. If using a creme highlighter, dab it with along the same area with the ring finger.
  8. Apply a little highlighter down the bridge of the nose and tip of chin also.
  9. Prime eyes with an eyelid primer to help eye makeup stay, and prevent eyeshadow from creasing.
  10. Apply a nude toned eyeshadow from the inner corner and take it across the entire eyelid.
  11. Take a soft white-gold loose eye dust/shimmer eyeshadow and apply it across the entire eyelid. For this look I used a Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in Mosaic Gold.
  12. Take a gorgeous long set of natural, fluttery false lashes and apply them with care as close to the lashline as possible.
  13. To ensure the natural and false sets of lashes blend, apply a thin layer of soft brown eye pencil and follow the lashline as closely as possible.
  14. Apply a thin layer along the bottom lashline with the same brown eyeliner.
  15. Take the loose eye dust and apply it to the inner corner of the lower lashline to brighten skin and open up the eyes.
  16. Apply a touch of highlighter along the brow bone but avoid using the loose eye dust because this colour looks artificial along the brow bone.
  17. Gently touch up lashes with a black mascara - apply along the bottom side of the top lashes and not along the top as it could interfere with the false lashes.
  18. Fill in brows with a complementing eyeshadow to create a polished look.
  19. Apply a coral lipstick to lips and finish with a smack of clear gloss.
I would just LOVE to see your attempt or twist on the Innocent Beauty look so please feel free to send your attempt! I hope this has given you makeup inspiration and that you decide to give it a try because it suits everyone.

Would you wear Innocent Beauty?