Review: Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation

Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation ★★½

Price: $16.95
Size: 50ml
About: lightweight mineral liquid foundation with a light to medium consistency. Packaged in a clear plastic bottle with nozzle applicator.
Review: I am a big lover of foundations and while I love Face of Australia’s Stick Foundation, I must say that this is not a favourite. Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation’s consistency is so light that it offers just a tad more coverage than a tinted moisturiser. Being the brand’s first attempt at a liquid mineral, there is certainly room to improve. The formula does not blend as easily as competitor liquid mineral foundations on the market. The range only currently contains four shades and ideally I would like to see six but as mentioned, there is certainly room for improvement and I am sure the brand will do so. Beautifully packaged and well priced, the fragrance-free formula contains Vitamins C and E and Jojoba plus Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation is paraben-free, so high five to that.

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