Review: Ere Perez Natural Rosehip Oil Lipbar

Ere Perez Real Rosehip Oil Lipbar ★★★★★

Price: $21.95
About: hydrating lipbar, encased in a twist lipstick flute.
Reviews: After years of searching for my Holy Grail lip treatment...I think I have found it!!! Natural Rosehip Oil Lipbar  is a fabulous product - I love everything about it. The packaging is so pretty, Ere Perez's signature on a simple white packaging is really appealing, and I love how the lipbar comes in the form of a lipstick, making the product feel more chic - no more dipping into a lip pot like a school girl, ladies! Lipbar in Love shade, a slight pink shade, offsets a clear glossy finish on the lips, and my lips feel super smooth and no longer dry or uncomfortable. Natural Rosehip Lipbar contains sunscreen (SPF15) so your lips are protected from all the nasties. I hope this product never ever discontinues.
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