Review: Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Blush

Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Blush ★★★½
Price: $37.95
About: duo powder blush made from rice and starch extracts, containing SPF 15 protection. Packaged in a white plastic compact with a mirror.
Review: I love the idea of Natural Tinted Rice Powder Shade - the collection contains both blushers and bronzers to enhance skin's features while protecting it from the sun with its physical SPF protector. I tried My Blush, a natural shade that appears quite subtle when viewed in the compact pan but upon application Natural Tinted Rice Powder is actually very pigmented. The name is a little deceiving - while it claims to be a blush, My Blush actually contains two bronze shades that even appear the colour of a bronzer when applied to skin. I used this for a week as a blush over my bronzer but the shades blended together on my cheeks and made my skin look muddy, plus the powder is not as long-wearing as I had hoped for. The powder starts to wear off round the 6-8 hour mark on my skin. A sweep along the cheeks and jawline will warm up and define skin without going overboard and derived from natural ingredients, this is ideal for all skin types.
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