Review: Endota Spa Cinnamon & Honey Lip Balm

Endota Spa Cinnamon & Honey Lip Balm ★★★★★
Price: $17.00
Size: 15g
About: hydrating lip balm packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with lip applicator.
Review: After being a fan of Cinnamon & Honey Lip Balm when it launched some time ago, I was a little hesitant to  use it again due to its hard to open packaging. But now it has returned, packaged in a fabulous plastic squeeze tube with a lip applicator nib on the end. The consistency of the product is smooth and glides along lips with ease. It also blends with ease, and thanks to the new packaging there are no sticky fingers or mess involved. Not all has changed though - the formula is the same, just packaged differently and the scent is still the same delicious scent - who said natural isn't delicious! The clear hydrating formula not only hydrates my lips but keeps them looking ultra glossy which means I wear it alone as a clear gloss and still get a juicy lip effect. I must say that the new formula works to keep lips smooth and soft and seems to be a bit more effective than the previously packaged model. 

Endota Spa Cinnamon & Honey Lip Balm - Old Packaging ★★★
Price: $17.00
About: hydrating lip balm packaged in a small thin tin compact.
Review: Cinnamon & Honey Lip Balm is a clear hydrating lip balm that keeps lips feeling smooth and looking  glossy too. The consistency is not thick, and it is easy to apply with fingers. The overall result: it helped maintain the condition of my lips but did not improve their condition. The packaging is a PEST! Although it comes in a cute tin, there is no little twist device on the side (like there is on L'Occitane's Shea Butter) and so if you don't have nails, it is almost impossible to open it if you have residue of other beauty products on your fingers.

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