Review: Ellis Faas Milky Lips

Ellis Faas Milky Lips ★★★
Price: $46.00
About: tinted lip gloss high in pigment that could be regarded as a liquid lipstick. Packaged in a silver bullet twist pen with built in lip brush for application.
Review: When I think of Ellis Faas cosmetics, I think of luxury beauty at its best. I think of inspiring and amazing makeup campaigns, a cosmetics collection attractive to the eye that out performs other brands on the market. Although I am still not sure whether Ellis Faas fits this mould, I do think that Milky Lips is a fantastic introductory to the brand and its offerings. I love the 'milky' formula that is silky smooth and glides on with ease, the lip brush is the perfect length and the brush hairs are not too hard or soft, they are just of the best lip brushes I have seen on a pen applicator. Shade L207 - Nude Pink is actually more of a stunning brown that looks perfect worn by day. The colour can be worn with just about all styles of makeup and clothing but might look a little too nude for evening. There is no need to wear a lipstick underneath because Milky Lips is like a liquid lipstick, the colour is very prominent.
I think the 'bullet' packaging is interesting but also a little risque - I only say this because I have had numerous comments from colleagues who asked me why I had one of 'those' on laying my desk! Sadly the top of the silver pen, just above the twist piece is crooked and looks like it is broken which is a shame and I have tried to fix it but to no avail. I also find the pen is too large to carry in your pocket or clutch.
I think the scent of Milky Lips could be nicer, or that the formula could be more appealing if it were fragrance free because it smells like there are chemicals and no woman wants to knowingly expose herself to chemicals, even if we know most products contain them. There are potentially dangerous ingredients in the formula such as Polyethelene and Mica but the rest of the ingredients seem pretty harmless and on a more positive note Milky Lips contains plum fruit extract. Although I think it is a bit too expensive for what it is, I am certainly interested in trying more from the brand and learning more about its products.
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