Review: Dr Lewinn's Lip Enhancer Contour Cream

Dr Lewinn's Lip Enhancer Contour Cream ★★★★
Price: $19.95
Size: 10ml
About: hydrating lip cream that smoothes out and subtly plumps lips while defining lip contours and  preventing bleeding of lip products. Packaged in a white plastic bottle with pump applicator dispenser.
Review: Lip Enhancer Contour Cream is my first Dr Lewinn's product and I am impressed. After wearing it for a full day I started to feel my lips subtly fill out and change shape to plump while wearing it but there are no true tingling or stinging sensations (it is hard to describe). When worn under lip stick it prevents the lip product from bleeding or 'going outside the lines'. Gently press only the nib of the pump dispenser because the rich lip treatment spreads across the lips and goes a long way.

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