Review: Dove Hair Minimising Roll-On Deodorant

Dove Hair Minimising Roll-On Deodorant ★★★½
Price: $3.99
About: under-arm deodorant designed to prevent body odour & reduce the prickly feel of hair in between shaves. Packaged in a baby pink plastic pod with a roll-on applicator and twist-lid.
Review: Hair Minimising Roll-On Deodorant proves that Dove is a leading in personal care products. This little wonder has a soft wild rose scent that does not smell overbearing, and the formula rolls on easily with the roll-on applicator. Hair Minimising Roll-On Deodorant claims to work for 24 hours and while I would like to say I have tested this theory, I can't because I shower in the evening and apply it before leaving for work each morning. Having said this, the formula lasts and lasts. It also claims to reduce the prickly feel women experience when between shaves. I am really not sure exactly how Hair Minimising Roll-On Deodorant does this but I did notice my underarms felt less prickly and the hair seemed a little bit softer but not dramatically. The reason Hair Minimising Roll-On Deodorant loses points is because the product does not lock properly when closed and therefore the product leaks through my hand bag or anywhere else I leave it so sadly I had to dispose of it. The packaging is the perfect size to keep in your handbag, bathroom vanity or on your bedside so once the lid is reformulated to ensure the product is secure when shut then Hair Hair Minimising Roll-On would be ideal to use and keep at bay at all times. I really love the pretty baby pink packaging because it is so Pink Diva! Would I purchase in future? Yes, because I am impressed with Hair Minimising Roll-On Deodorant as a whole - but I will wait until the lid has been recreated to lock shut instead of leaking.


MichVee said...

I usually use Mum deodorant (in pink of course!), and thankfully those don't leak.

Pink Diva: Makeup Artist and Beauty Guru xx said...

I have never tried a Mum product. The name just doesn't appeal to me... maybe because I am no yet a mum? LOL.

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