Review: Dove Face Care Cleanser and Toner in One

Dove Face Care Cleanser and Toner in One ★★★★
Price: $7.36
Size: 110g
About: foaming facial cleanser that doubles as a toner. Suited to all skin types. Packaged in a white plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: I don't mind Dove's Cleanser and Toner in One because it is gentle on my face, and does not upset the skin. I did however experience a tingling sensation around my lip area which I don't like the feel of. It smells like soap although soap-free but overall Cleanser and Toner in One gives a really nice clean and is cost-efficient because a small amount goes a long way. The ph balance skin refiner works to gently tone the skin. Overall, I was rather impressed with Cleanser and Toner in One and would buy this when in need of a quick fix in future.

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