Review: Britney Spears Fantasy Eau De Parfum

Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum ★★★
Price: $49.00 / $59.00
Size: 50ml/100ml  
Launched: 2005
Classification: Woody Oriental, Fresh, Gourmand
Review: Beautiful, sweet & candy-like are words I would associate with this fragrance. It is like fairy floss and caramel whirling uncontrollably around me. Mmmmm! However, wearing this daily has left me feeling heedy and a little over the scent because it can turn sickly sweet and so I started to spray this around the house just to use it up which is a shame. A sweet and fruity fragrance, Fantasy contains Red Lychee, Golden Quince and Exotic Kiwi Fruit. It also contains sensual notes of Jasmine Petals and Creamy Musk. The rhinestones on the pretty packaging fell off easily too so I couldn't collect the bottle when I had finished using the fragrance.

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