Review: Braun Silk-Epil X'Elle Epilator Body & Face

Braun Silk-Epil X'Elle Epilator Body & Face (5580) ★★½
Price: $139.95
About: hair removal device that pulls hairs from skin one by one with a quick plucking motion, pulling out even the finest and shortest of hairs. Comes with two different epilator heads, a brush and power cord.
Review: Ouch. Braun's Silk-Epil X'Elle Epilator is extremely painful - at least I think so. My lower legs are extremely sensitive - I learned this in beauty school when girls had to practice waxing me and I flinched all the time. But, I had heard a lot of good things about epilators and the new X'Elle was too tempting to resist. My fiancee bought it for me for our anniversary a couple of years back and I still remember using it for the first time and looking at him with a glum face before saying, "I think I'm going to have to take this back - it hurts too much". Anyhow I persisted for two years and every single time I used Silk-Epil X'Elle on my legs I would end up with bright red spotty dotty legs and on my pale white skin it looks atrocious. I constantly looked like I had a funky rash and people would often comment on it and I would try hiding my legs when in public. Even fake tan could not conceal my poor red legs that had been battered by the pincers on the epilator. So if you too have sensitive legs then avoid at all costs and look at laser hair removal instead.
Having said this Silk-Epil X'Elle gives the closest epilating experience you have ever had. by grabbing hairs that are just millimetres in length. While the pain factor is extremely painful when starting out, it certainly becomes more tolerable as you go along because your body does start to get used to it but it always hurts.
Tip: Epilate after a bath or shower as it will not hurt so much. While Braun's advertisements for Silk-Epil X'Elle claimed that results last up to six weeks, I found myself epilating every four weeks and sometimes even more often than that. I have since stopped using and currently back to shaving.
Product purchased.
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