Review: Teenage Beauty Book by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty Book ★★★
Price: $44.99
Pages: 224
About: hard cover makeup book designed to educate about teenage beauty and skin care. Written by Bobbi Brown, contains images of makeup styles and cosmetics.
Review: I am obsessed with beauty & makeup books so I purchased Teenage Beauty book on a whim. Sadly for me the makeup was rather plain and boring for my liking - being a makeup artist, I enjoy referring to beauty books for inspiration but with this one I got bored rather quickly. While I am not a teen, I thought the book would contain beauty tips and info that would benefit me none-the-less but it did not. I will still purchase Bobbi Brown's other beauty books because she has a variety of books for all stages of life and makeup abilities, but I must admit I gave this one away.

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