Review: Biotherm Biosource Toner Normal Skin

Biotherm Biosource Toner Normal Skin ★★★★½
Price: $36.00
Size: 200ml
About: facial toner with a water consistency that helps to hydrate and balance the pH balance of skin. Packaged in plastic bottle with twist lid.
Review: Gentle and effective Biosource Toner soothes my skin after cleansing and feels very hydrating. Because Biosource Toner is such a lovely cooling toner I like to use it on hot days as a pick me up for my tired/bothered skin. I am not a fan of the packaging because the lid is open and the product can spill everywhere. Nowadays I choose toners which have a spray applicator because they can be used on the go without leaking or spilling and it is great for travelling to. If the packaging was changed I would certainly consider buying Biosource Toner more often. The price is expensive for a toner that looks a little like water but the results prove that this is a great product.

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