Review: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ★★
Price: $53.00
Size: 12ml
About: golden pink liquid illuminator designed to highlight skin and accentuate facial features. Packaged in a stylish stick with twist applicator.
Review: There's a new Girl in town - Girl Meets Pearl. As soon as I saw the packaging, I was drawn to Girl Meets Pearl instantly. The pretty metallic pink packaging with its purple and pink motif drew me in because they are my two favourite shades and the packaging is truly gorgeous. Sadly though, my love for Girl Meets Pearl ends here because the formula lets it down. At first I tried the ultra lightweight illuminator on the back of my hand, expecting a glimmery shimmery result but instead there was very minimal difference. So then I tried wearing it alone on my skin with no makeup but again the result was disappointing - my skin looked as though I did not have anything on and the glow was oh-so-subtle that even I could not seem to find it. Then I mixed Girl Meets Pearl with my liquid foundation to shake things up but again there were no tell-tale signs of the highlighting properties which I was surprised to discover because I love Benefit and the quality its brand adheres to. So sadly, Girl Meets Pearl receives an overall rating of just two stars. One star because of the formula and a bonus star because I love the packaging and its twist-stick feature which makes application easy and keep the product fresher for longer. Plus Girl Meets Pearl contains ingredients such as Raspberry and Chamomile to calm skin, Sweet Almond Oil to smooth skin, and Sesame Seed Oil to hydrate.
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